Sources To Find A Real Estate Opportunity

I am currently reading the book “Multiple Sources of Income” by Robert G. Allen. The truth is that it is a very interesting book and unlike Kiyosaki, it is not only based on the what but on the how. It has, by the way, multiple tools, tips, and techniques to invest. It is divided into several chapters with topics such as the stock market, real estate, intellectual property and much more.

Real Estate Opportunities

Within the book I am by the real estate chapters, has excellent forms that I plan to upload to and the blog that help to filter the properties that we previously found, but before that, I will comment on the 5 ways to find good real estate opportunities.

First of all these are 5 sources, that does not mean there are 5 ways to find yes or yes excellent opportunities, after finding possible business in these sources you must pass the real estate by a series of filters that I will comment in another entry and that just they will filter the good opportunities from those that do not work, something like a sifter.

Here Are The 5 Sources


When we read the classifieds in the newspapers, we find several categories, whether they are buying, selling, renting, etc. of houses, apartments, duplexes, and others. When reading each notice we should not pay attention to descriptions of properties, what should interest us most is to discover a flexible vendor. Here are some possible phrases that we should find:

– Transferred owner

– Reduced advance

payment – No advance payment

– Owner outside the country / city / province

– Sale/swap ownership

– Transfer of installments

– Lease option

– Acquisition by lease

– Desperate

– I must sell now. I listen to offers.

2) Real Estate Agents (Real Estate)

Many real estate agents have access to the Multiple Listing Service which is a listing of all the properties available for sale in your area. This source of information is extremely good, but the search process can be very complicated.

For this, it is best to focus on the areas of properties whose price is below the average, i.e., houses that meet the minimum needs and then we must be alert to detect opportunities. In general, these lists have “observations” or “comments” with interesting information, in many cases with phrases like the ones in the list in point 1. With this data, we know if the seller is flexible and we can negotiate.

3) Area Of ​​Influence

As soon as you start looking for a property, you must inform this to the people you know and who are in that market, about the fact that you want to make an important transaction. Talk to friends, co-workers, acquaintances, relatives, strangers; anyone can be an important source. It only takes ONE.

4) The Search Focused On The Area.

Choose an area of your city where you would like to buy your next property. Go through that neighborhood every week and stop at the “Venta” signs and ask about the sale price and how they arrived at that price. If possible, verify how flexible the seller can be.

5) Banks And Lending Institutions:

When a bank grants a loan using the property as collateral, it expects the loan to be canceled. Many times that loan is not paid and the bank has to execute and ends with the property, which perhaps does not want it and from which it wants to be released.Call the most important banks in your area and ask to speak with the person in charge of foreclosures and property transfers. This is an excellent source of potential properties.

Importance of Safety and Good Health on Construction Site.

Health and safety practices in construction sites are not matters to be taken lightly. The truth is, safety and health should be in front of the mind in virtually every single element of construction all the time. The construction sector is vulnerable to many dangers and accident potential. Construction resources, equipment, machinery and handling strategies all come with their very own risks. The primary forms of accidents which can cause death or severe injuries on construction sites include incidents with site vehicles, falls from the top of buildings, injuries from falling materials, making contact with overhead power lines, inhaling poisonous gases, and making contact with dangerous chemicals.

The majority of accidents may be prevented by employing strict health and safety methodologies and making sure these methodologies are continuously maintained. Health and Safety techniques will make sure the construction site has a fine design, excellent planning and utilizes proven safety methods. There is actually no justification for slacking or cutting edges with regards to health and safety within construction sites. Poorly applied health and safety methods, layout and management may result in accidents, health issues, and even death. So, what are the importance of safety and health measures in construction sites?

This article will give you comprehensive answers to this question. Here are some of the importance of safety and health measures in construction sites:

It is the responsibility of the business.

In case your business does not have the proper health and safety methods in place then you are most likely going against the law and what does this mean to your business? This implies that your company or business may be fined, sued and even restricted from running based on the level of risk. If the relevant authorities realize that the construction site does not meet the health and safety policies, they have the capacity to take action against your company. If any of your workers feel they haven’t acquired the right health and safety training, they can notify the authorities who will then investigate the issues. You could also encounter the challenge of compensation if an employee is severely injured within the construction site, and the project may have to be stopped for investigation.

It helps prevent injuries.

As mentioned before, a large portion of the accidents in construction sites is caused by falls, slips, trips and making contact with hazardous materials. Many people have also be injured during lifting and handling of equipment in the site as well as falling of materials and equipment from heights on the construction site. There are therefore two ways that you can help to avert these accidents from happening:

Training-Most accidents on construction site happen because employees don’t have the basic safety knowledge. By training them, employees will have the knowledge of risks available on site and take precautions accordingly.

Tools-The appropriate safety tools can also play an important role on the site and help avoid unnecessary accidents. Safety products such as fall arrest harnesses as well as safety clothes can help minimize risks on the site.

It helps prevents health related problems.

At times workers on construction site may be subjected to handling poisonous chemicals and materials that may affect their health. For, cement dust has numerous effect on human lungs and can cause cardiovascular health problems. By providing workers with the right safety equipment such as gas masks and dust masks, workers are able to work in a relatively safe environment and the risks of contracting major diseases associated with dangerous site materials are minimized.

Public safety.

Safety and health measures on construction sites are also important to the general public because most of these works also take place in busy public areas. For instance, construction on a busy street, pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists depend on these health and safety measures for their survival. If the employees are not applying safety measures such as directing traffic around the construction area, the lives of many people, as well as those of workers, are at risk.

It benefits businesses.

Safety and health measures are not only important in avoiding injuries or perhaps preventing the development of health related issues due to improper handling of dangerous site materials, but also has long-term benefits for the business or construction companies. By applying the proper health and safety measures, workers are more likely to be comfortable with their job. This will help boost their morale at the construction site leading to higher productivity. With few cases of illness and injuries, you will be able to gain more working hours which results in better profitability. More importantly, you will also be able to build a good business reputation that will help you retain most of your staff.

Safety and health measures are a necessity that every construction company or business should take into consideration if they are to survive in the sector. Workers are also advised to check on the safety and health measures for each company before signing any work contract. Observe the safety and health measures and save a life today!

Advice on Choosing a Property Management Strategy.

Before you choose which property management strategy could best suit you as a landlord, you need to do a little self-evaluation. You should assess exactly how much time you are able to, and are prepared to dedicate to the property, how much knowledge you have with the different parts of property management and your persona. Here are a few pieces of advice that will help you make the right choice on property management strategy.

Consider how far you live from your property.

How far do you live from your property? If you are staying close to your rental property, then it will be easier to frequently visit the place perhaps to check on the property, handle tenants related issues, perform maintenance, and collect rent. If you live far from the property, then it would be difficult to frequently check on your property.

Your time is valuable, you have therefore to consider all the time you will spend traveling to and fro the property. In most cases, you will be spending a lot of money on traveling alone as well as wasting a lot of time that you would otherwise use to do something constructive. In such a case, a hands-on property management strategy would be appropriate. It involves hiring a property management professional or a company to help manage your property.

Consider the size of your rental properties.

Managing one or two rental units could be easier but managing let’s say fifty such unit could be hectic. The bigger your rental portfolio, the more you may consider getting help from outside. In this case, you might consider hiring a property management company. However, you can choose to divide the work and give the rest to someone else. For instance, you can manage the paperwork management like managing leases, collecting rent, and screening potential tenants while the physical management and maintenance such as garbage collection, showing the properties to potential tenants, and fixing faulty devices can be obligated to a building superintendent who can be helpful to you.

Evaluate your personality.

Being a property owner is the greatest investment that anyone can have but managing these properties may not be a fix for everyone. You may be good at fixing all types of issues that may arise, but find it difficult when tenants complaining about so many things such as maintenance issues. To successfully evaluate your personality, as yourself the following:

Can you handle stress due to unexpected problems? Can you handle tenant conflict without tearing each other apart? Do you like interacting with people? If your answer to the above questions is” yes”, then you are more likely to be able to manage the properties on your own, but if your answer is “no” to any of the questions then you might consider hiring a professional because they are well trained to handle all the situations without causing havoc.

Your level of skills.

When it comes to skills, you have to be honest with yourself about your weaknesses and strengths. Owning properties is a business and successful businesses require better plans and must be well organized. For instance, you need to understand rent due dates, when mortgage payments, power and water bills as well as when property taxes are due. In this case, if you are not well conversant with the requirements of property management, then you can hire a property manager who will help you run your day to day errands till you are sure you have gained enough skills to manage your own property will be the best approach for you.

With all these pieces of advice in mind, am sure you will be able to make the right decision and chose the best property management strategy that will work well for you. Good luck!

6 Ways To Start Investing In Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most common investments. However, it is not easy to manage in that world, especially if you do not have a good knowledge of the market. We tell you how you can get started. Ahead!

Direct owner

It’s when you buy a property, which can be a house, an apartment, a building and even summer cabins, and other people pay you to live there, explains The Balance website.

However, it is not a passive investment. “People think it’s easy money, that it does not give a lot of work, that tenants will pay on time and that the pipes will never break,” says Leonard Baron, a professor at San Diego State University and author of several guides on the subject. , in Business Insider.

Some enter the market by buying a small apartment building. You must investigate well if the property will give you profits and not rely on the experience as the owner of your home. It is very different.

House hacking

While it is similar to the previous one, it is a simpler way to get started in real estate. It is when you buy a property to live, with the intention of renting an extra room or other units, whether it is a duplex or an apartment building, notes the Nerd Wallet site.

House Flipping

It is when you buy a property at a very good price, almost always because you need repairs, you take care of them and then sell them at a higher price to make a profit.

It is also not an easy investment since it represents a risk and requires experience. Advice? Partner with an expert. You can contribute the capital and he the experience.


It is the acronym for real estate investment trusts. It’s when you buy shares in a company that owns commercial real estates, such as office buildings, apartments, and hotels. The good? They tend to pay high dividends, according to Nerd Wallet.

“It’s more like buying stocks or investing in a fund. It’s completely different from owning real estate, “says Baron.

Rent a room

Do it, for example, through Airbnb. Thus, you will not have a tenant for too long, and you will have the protection of the company. It’s a simple way to start and see if you like it.


If you are going to sell, buy or lease real estate, it is best to hire our services; in general terms we offer support and advice in the management of procedures, saving time and reducing risks to the real estate market which allows us to make a decision to buy, sell or rent more effectively; some of our attributes are:

  • Sales
  • Lease
  • Administration

Real Estate

Real Estate Concept

The adjective real estate refers to what belongs or is related to real estate. A property, in turn, is a property that is inseparably linked to a floor, both physically and legally. Buildings and land are real estates.

Examples: “The government announced that it had authorized a real estate development on the southern beaches”, “I am pleased: we were granted a mortgage to build a new house”, “The real estate offer in this area is very varied and may be found from Antiguas It still has properties to debut. “

While a real estate company is a company dedicated to the construction, sale, rental, and management of properties. Each property can perform all these activities or only some (as limited to sales and rentals of property): “Tomorrow, we have to laugh with real estate to sign the rental agreement”, “The agent said that tomorrow the house would evaluate “,” We visited four real estates and we have not found any case to cover our needs. “

Real estate, as a rule, have a place where people interested in the properties can be so close to reviewing the supply of homes for rent or sale and offer their own homes. The property is in charge of the promotion of the proposals and makes the corresponding efforts to approach the parties, charge for it.

Let’s look at the operation of the business. A man asks for a property that manages the rental of a house of his property. In turn, real estate must publish a notice in a newspaper and a family in contact with the willing to rent the apartment in question. To materialize the operation, assets will charge a percentage of the contract with the owner of the house and another that leases.

Agent Countrymen


Some gene we touched to the countrymen that not only makes us believe that we always make the best decisions, but we have to make the people around us take them too. And when I refer to people around us it’s not just our families and friends, but literally, the people who are physically around us. If someone is choosing something in the super that we did not like, we do not hesitate to tell you, if a girl is painting her nails in the room of some color that we do not seem, we let you know, etc. (and not to mention how this phenomenon was exaggerated in the promised land).

In short, these are small decisions such as choosing vegetables in the market and a huge one like buying a house … the countrymen are sure to know what is best for the other, right? And from here comes the issue of real estate brokers, which usually (it is worth mentioning that without knowing you) they call you and they assure you that they already have the ideal property for you. How do you do? If you have not even told them what you are looking for and what your budget is. But you do not worry that the only thing you are looking for is the best for you, and even if you do not know it yourself, they know perfectly well what you need.

And what is that you need so much? Well naturally living surrounded by more and more countrymen. In a place where you are known even in the soup, it is not going to be that you lower the elevator without company or stations your car without having to talk for 15 minutes. With the neighbor. I think that the countrymen have always tended to live like mueganos, even before the real estate agents.

However, it seems that in modernity they are responsible for us to continue doing it this way. They are a kind of Yentele (matchmaker) but neighbors. But how do you think that residential like Aviva, Private 14, both Leafy, Villa Florence, etc., are full of countrymen?

The country real estate brokers are the ones who have made sure that every one of us has a ride in any event; all, after all, we live around the corner of all, right?